What do termite bait stations look like?

Quite frequently we will have customers asking us what these little devices installed in the ground are. They are typically spaced about 10 feet apart and surround the entire perimeter of a house.

These little devices are termite bait stations and are used to monitor and/or exterminate termites. If monitoring for termites the bait stations will be filled with a harmless solid wood block that is appealing for termites. The intent is for the pest control technician to come back periodically and inspect these blocks for termite activity. If activity is discovered, the wood blocks are replaced with insecticide. Hopefully the termites will take the easy bait and be exterminated prior to reaching the house.

Bait stations can be effective, but at All Reliance we are a firm believer that liquid barriers are the best option for eliminating termites. This method involves injecting a layer of insecticide in the soil around the entire perimeter of a home. Research has proven this to be extremely effective at not only killing the termites that enter the insecticide, but also their colony where the termites have taken it back to.

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