What does interior termite damage look like?

We had a customer who was remodeling a house and after removing some trim noticed small “ants” that they thought might be termites. After further investigation it was determined that these “ants” were indeed termites whom had been living behind the walls for some time.

Termites living behind interior walls can be a very difficult thing to spot until demolition, such as this, is done. Some signs they may be behind a wall is flaking of the paint, deteriorated trim (lightly pressing a finger against leaves an impression), or shelter tubes. Once termites are found the extermination method used is highly effective in concentrated locations inside the home. The perimeter of the home is also treated to prevent other termites from entering. This treatment will also eliminate the termites as they try to leave the home.

Infestations of termites can be treated, even when in the interior of the home. The earlier they are spotted and further measures are taken, the less time the termites have to cause significant structural damage to the home.

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